Extraordinary Skin does not occur by shot, It occurs by arrangement.


Dr. Bhavik Bhavsar is a well recognized consultant dermatologist, dermatosergeon & cosmetic dermatologist based at Ahmedabad, India. He is the founder of Lavanya Skin Clinic. His vision is to provide standardized, effective and rational therapy to the patients. Cosmetic treatment is offered to the patients only when it is needed.

After completing his MBBS in NHL Municipal Medical College, V.S Hospital in year 2000. Dr. Bhavik Bhavsar did his diploma in dermatology from SCL Hospital, Ahmedabad in year 2003. In year 2004 he obtained M.D. (skin) degree from the same institute. In year 2005 he completed fellowship in dermatosurgery and photography from PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Dr. Bhavik Bhavsar was assistant professor in P.S.M.C medical college for one and half years in 2004-05. He was also served as senior resident in L.G. Hospital, Maninagar for 3 years. From December 2005 onwards, Dr. Bhavik Bhavsar has started his practical as consultant Dermatologist at Lavanya Skin Clinic and Laser Center.

He is an expert in General Dermatologist and cosmetic dermatology dealing with Acne, Acne Scars, Skin Tightening, Pigmentation, Hair Loss, Laser Devices, PRP Therapy, Vitiligo Surgery etc. He has attended various national and international conferences to update the knowledge.

Skin Clinic

Lavanya Skin Clinic & Laser Care specializes in the most recent innovations in Dermatology services, Laser Hair Removal in Ahmedabad, Laser/RF wrinkle reduction, acne therapy and Vitiligo Surgery in Ahmedabad. At Lavanya Skin Clinic & Laser Care, you will find qualified, knowledgeable medical professionals dedicated to fulfilling your desires and protecting your privacy.

Our clinics utilize the latest LASER technologies available for Hair Removal and skin Photo-Rejuvenation. Our proven, medically-tested procedures include laser hair removal, and special microdermabrasion treatment.

About Skin Clinic

All procedures are performed in our offices by our Lavanya Skin Clinic & Laser Care licensed medical aestheticians, according to our exclusive, patented protocols, and with direct support from our on-site board of medical director.
  • This is the place where you will visibly improve the way you look!
  • We will improve how your skin looks, acts and feels.
  • It has never been so easy to look so good!
Dr. Bhavik Bhavsar specializes in non-invasive to miminally invasive cosmetic medicine. He is dedicatd to providing his patients with the latest advances in cosmetic procedures, utilizing cutting edge technology. At Lavanya Skin Clinic & Laser Care, we strive to perfect the most important and largest organ in the human body, your skin.

Why choose Lavanya Skin Clinic & Laser Care...?

  • We provide fast, safe, and permanent hair reduction utilizing the latest laser technology
  • We can treat all skin types and tanned skin.
  • We are not part of a big chaian of clinic but privately owned medical facility. Patients can expect personalized, professional service which is customized to their needs.
  • All our procedures are performed only by Dr. Bhavik Bhavsar. Every details is centered around safety, satisfaction and quality care for each patient.
  • Not all lasers for hair, veins removal, or skin are the same. At Lavanya Skin Clinic & Laser Care, we use real laser (as oposed to other "lase centers" that use non-laser, light based devised). We offer the best laser thechnology for removal of unwanted hair, unsightly veins, and skin imperfections.
  • Patients sastifaction is our #1 priority.
  • We don't make unrealsitic expectations. Every procedure is clearly explained in details to our patients prior to any commitments.