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Vitiligo Surgery in Ahmedabad

Vitiligo Plastic Surgery or vitiligo Cosmetic surgery is a medical specialty that deals with the restoration and healing of injuries or congenital defects of the body with vitiligo. Plastic surgery is also one of the best options for patients with vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition that leads to the formation of pigmentation spots on the skin seen in different parts of the body. The de-pigmentation of the skin is most commonly found in so exposed organs.

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Vitiligo Surgery in Ahmedabad Some types of surgery for the treatment of vitiligo disease. The choice of vitiligo treatments depends on the number of white spots: their deeds, their location, size and shape are generalized. Plastic Surgery for Vitiligo consists of the following ways:

Autologous skin graft

cosmetic vitiligo surgery procedures include vitiligo., the removal of the skin of the affected body part and connects with visible stains. In the process, the surgeon removes the area of normal skin and in the areas of vitiligo depigmentation of the skin resulting in improved appearance.

The use of skin grafts Lamps

During the implementation of the procedure, the surgeon blisters on the vitiligo pigmentation of the skin caused by heat, vacuum or cold. The top of the blisters are then cut and transplanted in an area of depigmentation of the skin.

Vitiligo sufferers are observed all over the world both in dark and light skinned countries. For an unknown reason the highest documented concentration of Vitiligo sufferers is in India, nearly 9%. For an unknown reason there is a higher percentage in India. There is no difference in the disease between males or females, children or adults and Vitiligo can happen at any time. Vitiligo is quite a common skin condition which can cause extreme distress to sufferers because of its unusual appearance. Vitiligo affects people of both sexes equally, and it affects all races. It can begin at any age, though about fifty percent of people with vitiligo develop it before the age of twenty five. At Lavanya Skin Clinic & Laser Care, we are ahmedabad based vitiligo plastic surgery expert which is also known as vitiligo Cosmetic surgery. For more details about vitiligo Cosmetic surgery feel free to contact us.

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